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Counseling Services

You will gain confidence in yourself through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Problem-Solving Therapy, or Interpersonal Therapy, learn healthier coping skills, and improve social interactions. Book an appointment for your individualized treatment plan. 

Book an appointment to help you and your partner navigate stressful situations such as conflicts in parenting, intimacy, and communication. Professional counseling will help you establish security and emotional bonding.

Children require a safe space and a listening ear as they receive emotional support for resolving conflict and processing their thoughts and feelings.
Teenagers come with strong emotions, and professional counseling can teach them to take control and manage themselves.

EMDR is a powerful treatment tool that aids in alleviating distress from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), Anxiety, Depression, and more. Schedule an appointment to see if EMDR is suitable for you.

Counseling for children starting at age 4 helps them express their feelings more through play than words. This therapy is a developmental form of treatment that can assess and treat: grief, anxiety from unresolved trauma, anger management, and other psychological challenges. 

Family counseling is a good way for families to improve relationships and resolve conflicts in their family system.  Through counseling, families can learn new skills and strategies for building a solid and loving family dynamic. 


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