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Mental Health Counseling in Mt Pleasant

Improve mental health and learn life skills one chapter at a time with Chapters Counseling

Don't wait to get the help you need. Appointments can be as soon as the next day. 

Our Lives Are Made of Stories

Pages of Book

The Story We Tell Ourselves

Is your internal dialogue telling you stories? Stories like my anxiety is too bad, to have a normal life or no one likes me that is why I  am so depressed. My partner just does not love or care about me anymore. It is my fault.  My life will never get better.  Are these facts or is that the story you're telling yourself? 

The Stories From Our Past

Often your internal dialogue or stories are things you learned from parents, teachers, and friends. Your body holds onto and remembers your past traumas. When you are told stories, sometimes you believe them, and you pass that judgment on yourself.

Fairy Lights

New Stories for Our Future

Close the chapter on negative self-talk. Take back control of your life and learn new skills to teach yourself new stories and live up to your potential. Please schedule an appointment with one of our counselors today. Often following-day appointments are available along with with the choice of daytime or evening

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